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Global Warming And The Kyoto Protocol - 1470 Words

This paper will be divided in three parts, beginning with a brief background on the global warming agenda and tackle the issues surrounding the Kyoto Protocol. The second part will look at climate change and the protocol from the respective lenses of realism and liberalism. I will argue that while none of the theories precisely covers the entirety of the issue, each provides helpful analysis falls short of clarifying the entire climate change picture. Can states cooperate effectively through the structure of the Kyoto protocol to solve an international problem of global warming?† I. Global Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol The study of the effects on global warming is nothing new, however, the climate change agenda has only in†¦show more content†¦[15] President George W. Bush has not made any effort since that time to revive the

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Compare and Contrast Ethics and Virtue Theory - 802 Words

Ethics and virtue have been a very contentious issue facing society for centuries. Many argue over the merits of various theories, each with its own philosophies and assumptions. It is this argument that has given rise to many popular and followed theories of ethics and virtues. The theories discussed primarily in this document include the virtue theory, utilitarianism, and deontological theory. Each is very distinct to the others in regards to its principles and assumptions regarding human behavior. Each however, has merit in regards to question of ethics and virtue, and how it should subsequently be valued. Virtue Theory relies heavily on the character of the person rather than the circumstances in which the individual acts. The virtue theory deemphasizes rules and regulations and instead focuses on the internal character of the act in question. The virtue theory is not concerned with the intentions of the act. Nor is it concerned primarily with the consequences of the act. Instead the virtue theory relies on moral virtues. If the individual is of good character or not is the primary concern with virtue theory. What is difficult to ascertain however, is the question of what constitutes character? How can one appropriate establish the contents of ones character? A persons character traits are the compesition of his character traits. These traits can either be good (virtuous) or bad (vices). In both instances, the virtue theory establishes and emphasized these twoShow MoreRelatedThe Ethics Of Virtue Ethics925 Words   |  4 PagesVirtue ethics is a normative theory whose foundations were laid by Aristotle. This theory approaches normative ethics in substantially different ways than consequentialist and deontological theories. In this essay, I will contrast and compare virtue ethics to utilitarianism, ethical egoism, and Kantianism to demonstrate these differences. There is one fundamental aspect of virtue ethics that sets it apart from the other theories I will discuss. For the sake of brevity and to avoid redundancy, I willRead MoreEthics : Virtue Ethics And Ethics1351 Words   |  6 Pages 1. what is virtue ethics and what does it do that the two major ethical approaches do not? Virtue ethics is one of the three major approaches in ethics. This approach of ethics emphasizes the virtues, or moral character, in contrast to other approaches which emphasizes duties or rules. Virtue ethics has three central concepts; virtue, practical wisdom, and eudemonia, however, these are often misunderstood. The three approaches of ethics are virtue ethics, consequentialist ethics, and deontologyRead More7 Philosophies Essay1449 Words   |  6 Pages| The Seven Moral Philosophies | Compare and Contrast Research Paper | | Terence A. Betts | 3/27/2011 | Instructor: Kimber Cramer Davenport University | The textbook breaks down seven philosophies used in business decisions; they are Teleology, Egoism, Utilitarianism, Deontology, Relativist, Virtue ethics, and Justice. In this paper I will define each of the seven listed and compare and contrast so that it is clear to decipher each one from the other. Also I will provide anRead MoreAldo Leopold’S Essay â€Å"The Land Ethic† Was Published In1122 Words   |  5 PagesAldo Leopold’s essay â€Å"The Land Ethic† was published in A Sand County Almanac. The short paper confronts the imperfections in the most common approaches in preserving the environment. Leopold’s answer is to develop a new branch of environmental ethics to model humanity’s ever-changing relationship with the environment. Leopold observantly describes the history of ethics, the meaning of community with the land and why it’s appropriate to do so. Toward the end of the essay – as the reader is ready forRead MorePsyc hological and Ethical Egoism, Mill vs Kant, and Ethical Relativism904 Words   |  4 PagesTopic 1 Distinguish between psychological and ethical egoism and subject each to critical scrutiny in detail. Compare and contrast ethical egoism with virtue theory. Egoism is a view that states that what a person wants is somewhat relevant to what humans actually do. There is two main types of egoism: psychological and ethical. These two views are very similar; because of this they can easily be interchanged. It is important to be able to recognize the dissimilarity of these two views. PsychologicalRead MoreWhat Makes A Good Person?933 Words   |  4 Pagesperson you think you are and the person you’re aspired to be. This is the main element of virtue ethics. Virtue ethics focuses on specific qualities that make a good person. Also, what thrives and contributed to lead a successful life. Compared to utilitarian, virtue ethics doesn’t need any type of rules or formulas to deciding what qualities are virtues and vices. It states in Ethical Argument, â€Å"†¦virtue ethics tend to play down the importance of principles and stress the nature of the person whoRead MoreMy Personal And Professional Ethics Essay1087 Words   |  5 Pageson biomedical ethics. There are morals that have been engrained into my character. These include what is right or wrong and how I will behave in certain situations. I will compare my personal and professional ethics in order to be ready for my healthcare career. My personal ethics are deeply implemented into my professional ethics. This could make conflicts arise between my professional workplace and personal ethical view because of differing perspectives on issues. My personal ethics govern how IRea d MorePositve Psychology and Aristotles Virtue Ethics Converge Essay1569 Words   |  7 Pageswell as, eudemonic happiness, as key components to optimal mental health. Like many other contemporary theories, positive psychology borrows principles and tenets of philosophies, which preceded its formal conception. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast virtue, character strengths, relationships, and happiness as presented by positive psychology with Aristotle’s virtue ethics theory. Positive psychology utilizes five pillars in order to flourish, achieve fulfillment, and satisfactionRead MoreConsequentialism And Consequentialism : Virtue Ethics, Consequentialism, And Deontology1200 Words   |  5 PagesEthics is a study dealing with standards that prescribe rules on what people ought to do based on various criteria such as obligation, human rights, and virtue. More precisely, it is a development and establishment of one’s moral principle. And under the normative ethics, there are three categories of ethical frameworks: virtue ethics, consequentialism, and deontology. In this essay, I will more concentrate on consequentialism, especially utilitarianism, and deontology to make compare and contrastRead MoreParameters of Ethical Decision Making1342 Words   |  6 Pagesdecision making, we are better equipped to make the right choices when the need arises. Joseph Weiss (2009) identifies fundamental ethical principles that guide decision making: utilitarianis m, universalism, rights, justice, and ethical virtue. John Rawls contributes his Theory of Justice as Fairness as another approach for consideration in resolving ethical dilemmas. Utilitarianism The utilitarian view states that an action is considered right or good based on its consequences (2009). The utilitarian

Letter / Apollo Shoes Free Essays

First I would like to thank the board of director of Apollo Shores for their recent inquiry about Phoenix Company’s services. Since our firm is small, we offer a wide range of personalized services to clients at a reasonable cost. Phoenix Company is a CPA firm with more the 25 years in the business of providing client tax services, accounting booking, management consulting, quality control consulting, risk assessment, capital transaction assistance, and information systems functionality. We will write a custom essay sample on Letter / Apollo Shoes or any similar topic only for you Order Now The firm’s approach has been very successful because of our ability to comprehend our clients’ organization paradigm including risk assessment, control issues, and diagnostic. The benefits to our auditing approach would help the management team efficiency identify areas within the organization’s that needs to be address. This process could improve the company’s efficiency identifying that controls are in place. Overall this gives the management team a better understanding of the organization working including their financial systems. The role of Phoenix Company is to obtaining sufficient audit evaluation and evidence in order to test the organizational controls. At this time I would like to define auditing and give some benefits of an audit. â€Å"Auditing is the accumulation and evaluation of evidence about information to determine and report on the degree of correspondence between the information and established criteria† (Arens, Elder Beasley, 2006). The benefits to auditing are the ability for a company to improve the understanding of the financial records from the management and users stand points. Another benefit is the ability to identify areas within the organization that needs improvement. A company could reinforce, risk assessments, and improve internal controls. In conclusion the firm of Phoenix Company is an excellent resource to provide Apollo Shores with effective analysis, and relevant information to meet the needs of your organization. The approach is to improve the organization safeguards in order to protect the financial operations of the company. How to cite Letter / Apollo Shoes, Papers

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This Girl Is Onfire Essay Sample free essay sample

Items to believe about/review when believing about your claim and back uping points: †¢ â€Å"Tools of the Trade†o A procedure for Avoiding Misrepresentation†¢ Us V. Them footingsO PrejudiceO Partialityo ProvincialismO Herd inherent aptitude†¢ Ethos. Son. poignancyO Ari wants to purchase a pizzao Boston Legal Clip†¢ Style notes- Audience and Purposeo How we use redacting. framing/shots. camera angles. Lighting. camera motion to accomplish our intent. †¢ Tone words/Strong verbs†¢ Fallacies and Biaso Five types of emotional statementso Five other types of false beliefs Persuasive Core Review- Beginnings that can be cited for Core 2: †¢ â€Å"Neat V. Sloppy People† by Suzanne BrittO Exploring personality types. the differentiation is ever moral O Makes generalisations in order to carry us of her cardinal claim: the differentiation is ever moral †¢ â€Å"Separate Fact from Prejudice† By Lenard Pitts o Narratives in your caput of perceptual experiences of how things are †¢ For Mahammed Zeid of Gaza. Age 15o â€Å"Stray bullet†Ã¢â‚¬ ¢ â€Å"Homeless† Anna Quindlen†¢ â€Å"Calculated Risk† by K. We will write a custom essay sample on This Girl Is Onfire Essay Sample or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page C. Coleo Peoples are afraid of less hazardous actions when their day-to-day activities pose far more hazard†¢ â€Å"Farewell to Baseball† by Lou Gehrig†¢ President Barak Obama – Back to School SpeechO Who is responsible for our instruction?†¢ â€Å"Crummy First Draft† by Anne Lamotto How our head tricks us into believing something that may non be true ( her perceptual experience of her composing accomplishments compared to the world of her accomplishments ) †¢ â€Å" The War of the Words† Newsweek article by Jerry Adler o How we change words or phrases to acquire the result we want: â€Å"Global Warming† vs. â€Å"Greenhouse Effect† â€Å"Estate revenue enhancement vs. decease tax† †¢ â€Å"The Ways We Lie† by Stephanie Ericsson o 10 different types of prevaricationso Lies can be destructive no affair how harmless they seem †¢ â€Å"The Already Big Thing on the Internet: Descrying on Users† NY TIMES Editorial by Adam Cohen †¢ â€Å"Is Anything Private Anymore? † Parade Magazine article by Sean Flynn †¢ How our personal information is exposed on the cyberspace †¢ Political Print Ads †¢ Political run mailings†¢ Print ad persuasion†¢ McDonald’s Happy repast and grownup repast – female parent and girl†¢ Home Depot Ad†¢ Your ad †¢ Rhetorical Analysis Addresss:o The Space Shuttle Challenger Tragedy AddressO Remarks on the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. o 9/11 Address to the Stateo Pearl Harbor Address to the StateO â€Å"We are Virginia Tech† Nikki Giovanni verse formo Oklahoma Bombing Memorial Prayer Service Address†¢ â€Å"The Androgynous Man† by Noel Perrin†¢ Persuasion through personal experiences taking to generalizations/stereotypes †¢ â€Å"The Men we Carry in Our Minds† by Scott Russel Sanders †¢ Childhood experiences analyzing gender functions †¢ Independent reading books†¢ Macbetho Characters. Actions. Motivationso The four subjectso Thingss are non ever what they seemo Ambition is frequently blindingo Superstition frequently affects human behaviouro Power can pervert those who have it Video Sources that can be cited for Core 2: Political Television ads – World Wide Web. livingroomcandidate. org Documentaries:†¢ Outfoxed†¢ Born into Brothels†¢ Mad Hot Ballroom†¢ Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price†¢ Bowling for Columbine†¢ Super Size Me†¢ The Persuaders – by Douglas RushkoffO Song Airlineso Andy Spadeo Emotional bonds with consumero Devotion to ProductsO LovemarkO Becoming a portion of the plano Focus groupso Gallic expert RapailleO Advertising/NarrowcastingO Axciom†¢ Spellboundo How first feelings can be biased or stereotyped Ted. com Negotiations:†¢ â€Å"John Francis Walks the Earth† TED. com talk by John Francis o walks the Earth. transporting a message of careful. genuinely sustainabledevelopment and regard for our planet O Importance of Listening †¢ â€Å"Are We in Control of Our Own Decisions? † TED. com talk Dan Ariely o Are we in control of our ain determinations?†¢ â€Å"The Lucifer Effect† by Philip Zimbardo and Cindy X. Wang o How we are persuaded- writteno Same situation- three choices- heroic. immorality. inactivity.

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Soles4Souls Shoe Drive

Soles4Souls Shoe Drive Disability Attorneys of Michigan Collects 1,113 Pairs of Shoes to Help Those in Need Disability Attorneys of Michigan is deeply grateful for the incredible co-workers, clients, family members and friends in the community who have made our first Soles4Souls shoe drive a great success. We are proud to announce that we have collected an impressive total of 1,113 pairs of shoes in the three weeks that the shoe drive was held.The total far surpassed the original goal of 500 pairs, demonstrating the true power of our community coming together to make a difference.â€Å"We’re really amazed at the wonderful response and super proud that we were able to more than double our goal,† Partner Samantha Ball, said.Choosing the Right Partner to Help Those in Need The shoe drive committee, spearheaded by Samantha Ball, Lacey Horning, Patricia Jerome and Stephanie Sowa, have been hard at work planning and overseeing the drive, which ran from Monday, February 18 to Friday, March 8.Disability Attorneys of Michigan wanted to host an office-wide charitable initiative, and th e committee chose Soles4Souls as its partner for the shoe drive. As a  non-profit social enterprise, Soles4Souls is dedicated to creating sustainable jobs and providing relief through the distribution of shoes and clothing around the world. Since 2006, the organization has donated more than 30 million shoes.Disability Attorneys of Michigan utilized Zappos for Good, a Soles4Souls partner, to ship the more than one thousand shoes to the organization to help those in need.The Power of Community: Everyone Who Donated Made a Difference Thanks to the generosity of everyone who donated, this shoe drive was incredibly successful! Each donation of new or gently used shoes truly has the power to transform someone’s life and make a difference, and we couldn’t have done this without everyone’s support!Everyone at Disability Attorneys of Michigan is overjoyed by how the community came together to support this great cause and help us reach and exceed our goal. Seeing the co mmunity work together, helping to spread the word about the drive and donating is a testament to the power of the community and giving back.Disability Attorneys of Michigan would also like to thank the amazing shoe drive committee for their leadership, hard work and enthusiasm throughout the drive. Law Firm Charity Work, Michigan Social Security Lawyer, Soles4Souls, Soles4Souls Shoe Drive, Zappos for Good

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8 Most Common IELTS Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

8 Most Common IELTS Mistakes and How to Avoid Them Here is a list of eight most common IELTS pitfalls that cost test takers precious points. More is less. A very common mistake is to answer in more words than instructed. If the task says Not more than 3 words, answering in 4 or more words will definitely cost marks.Less is less. The length of a written task is crucial. When instructions mention a minimal number of words (250 for an essay, 150 for report or letter), it means that any work shorter than required will be penalized.A longer essay doesnt mean a better mark. Another common misconception is that longer essays score better in IELTS. Not only is this a myth, but also a dangerous one. Writing a long essay can indirectly cost marks because the chances of making mistakes increase with the number of words and sentences.Changing the subject is unacceptable. Every so often a student is asked to write on a topic, that he doesnt understand. To avoid the disaster of missing a whole task they decide to write on a slightly – or entirely - different topic. The sad fact is that no matter how beautiful the submitted work is, the wrong topic means a zero score. Another similar pitfall is to omit parts of the given topic or ignore the guidelines in your work. Every point the topic refers to needs to be covered because the examiners will be actually counting them. A good memory can get you in trouble. Having seen that the topics sometimes repeat, smart students with good memory decide to memorize essays. This is a terrible mistake to make because the examiners are trained to look for memorized essays and have firm instructions to disqualify such works on the spot.An accent is not important. Pronunciation is. IELTS, being a test for non-native English speakers cant penalize people for having an accent. The problem here is that not everyone knows the difference between speaking with an accent and mispronouncing the words. No matter how strong an accent a person has, the words are to be pronounced correctly or it will cost marks.It is not the ideas that are important, but the way they are described in. Many students think that expressing the wrong ideas (whether it is an essay, letter or discussion) can harm their score. The truth is that no idea can be wrong and the ideas are not important on their own, it is the way they are expressed in that i mportant. Connective words: the more is not always the better. Smart students know that one of the essays marking criteria is coherence and cohesion, and what better way is there to demonstrate cohesion than to use lots of connective words, right? Wrong. Overuse of connective words is a known problem, which is easily recognized and penalized by the examiners. A word of advice: to stay out of trouble, it is equally important to be aware of the pitfalls and to practice enough before the exam. Being familiar with the structure and the procedure of the test will build up confidence and that will reflect in your score. This article was kindly provided by Simone Braverman who runs an excellent IELTS blog full of useful information and tips on taking the IELTS exam.

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International Trade Concepts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

International Trade Concepts - Essay Example Engaging in international trade means that the demand for the country’s products is no longer limited to and determined by the home country. With international trade, the country’s product will have greater demands. These greater demands mean increase in wealth for the countries. Because there are greater demands for a product, with costs of production decreasing, assuming that with specialization the technology improves and the efficiency is increasing—production increases and wealth comes to the country. International trade encourages local competition within its industries in order to achieve efficiency. With more products in the market due to import or other companies bringing their products to compete with local competitors, local players are forced to produce more competitive products to satisfy the consumers. This stimulation of local competition can also bring down the prices of goods in a given industry. By making excellent products available to consumers at the same price level, satisfaction is met among the population. When firms go trading with countries, it is very usual that they bring with them the technical know-hows as regards their production. This experience adds to the increase in a country’s intellectual capital. When there is trade of goods, it is likely that trade in certain knowledge also follows. Therefore, this is beneficial to both countries as they exchange more knowledge in order to increase their technological capacities. When more efficient foreign players enter a local industry, it can offer prices below the market clearing price. Due to this, there will be issues like dumping because the players’ interests are at stake, when they cannot compete with the more efficient foreign player in terms of price. International trade, therefore poses a limitation—a country should also consider the interests of the local players when